Monthly Archives: June 2015

A gentle reminder for forgetful people.

You know how it is. You think to yourself “yep, I must do that later” and then the thought completely vanishes from your mind. Yup. I got a new car (first and probably only time I will ever have a brand new car in my life!) at the end of last year, and since then […]

Book Review: Bread and Butter by Erin McKenna

A few weeks ago we went to Florida with some friends. On our last day we had run out of regular bread, so had to eat some of my friend’s Gluten Free bread. I now feel the pain of Gluten Free bread. It is a tragic thing. So for my next book to review I […]

Caffeine – His Favourite Drug

Hello. I am a teetotal drug-free Vegetarian. Mr M is teetotal, mostly vegetarian (due to lack of any meat in our apartment), and mostly drug-free. His only drug is caffeine, and he indulges in a caffeinated cup of coffee once a day in the mornings, but has now switched to decaffeinated coffee for the most […]

Book Review: Yogurt by Janet Fletcher

As a Microbiologist, I am a big fan of growing stuff. I am not green fingered, I will kill any plants that you might place in my care. I also don’t drink, so making my own beer or wine holds no allure. But I did keep going my own sourdough starter for many years, nourishing […]

Beach Brian.

May was such a crazy month! We took a trip back home to the UK for a week at the beginning for one of my best friend’s weddings, then crazy busy work with drama drama drama all over the place… then another week off for a surprise (to me) trip to Florida to (among other […]