Knitted Mouse

A lovely friend of mine had a baby. Around this time, I also learnt to knit, starting off with the simple things… like Innocent Smoothie hats…


Then getting more adventurous…


Until I then got really overexcited…


But they were all just variations on a very simple pattern, and easy and fun to do.

Posting pictures of them on Facebook meant that my lovely friend saw them, and put in a joking request for a pretty cardigan for her little lovely… I pondered it… bought a book…. then got freaked out with the abbreviations and random stitches required… I put it on my shelf….. and figured that one day I would tackle something.

So a couple of weeks ago I started on a knitted project… It was going to be a challenge, I had looked through the pattern and it involved crazy abbreviations (thankfully the page at the beginning of the book also decoded what these meant!) and various different pieces to knit, stuff, and then sew together.

But, I figured what is life without a bit of a challenge? The good thing about a knitted project is of course if you mess up a bit, you can always go back and fix it with a bit of unravelling, even if it does make me feel all kinds of sad to do it!


Striped Mouse – taken from the Ultimate book of baby knits by Debbie Bliss. (as mentioned in the Tea Cake and Craft party post)

I used Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo in light grey and pale pink. I loved the feel of the wool, and the way it looked in the finished product, but to knit with, it tended to split into strands quite easily, especially with the odd stitches, and when making stitches.


First part to complete was the body, then the head:


And then so on….. Until all was complete, assembled and stitched with a face!


Hello Mouse.


The slightly less neat back and tail..


Clearly at this stage it is a naked, and very leggy mouse, so the next stage was to make a nice pretty dress, I didn’t have the colours from the book, so went for a pink and white stripey number with a pink bodice:


A well dressed Mouse:


Anyway, here is the completed little Saffy the Mouse, for our lovely little Saffy Mouse. (sorry it took me so long Lorna!)


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