I made something!

….or should that be I completed something! Quite an extended break from blogging! The last few months have been a whirlwind! Baby girl arrived at the end of August, it took quite a few weeks before I was back to anywhere approaching normal – post C Section I had some pain while doing pretty much anything, and so there was a lot of time spent resting. Then parents from both sides came to stay to help us out when I had to return to work, and so it has been busy busy busy!

Making things these days comes in small parts – time available while the little one is having a nap, while watching tv (if she is having a nap or playing with Daddy)….. and so I have various things in various stages of being done.

This was a great project for that, the Lounge Pants pattern by Brindille and Twig, I could divide it into parts that I could get done in 20 minute sections – assembling the pattern, cutting out fabric, sewing it together….. and done!

The majority of the sewing was done with my serger, except for the hem at the bottom, where I used a twin needle:

It isn’t the neatest, it kind of gathered up a bit as I should have fiddled with tension a bit, but not too bad! I made the 6-9 months size, knowing that it would probably be a little big for my little 5 month old, but I didn’t want to make the next size down and risk it not fitting at all! She seems pretty comfy in them.

The fabric is the Mystery Food knit by Cotton and Steel, I purchased it along with the dark blue ribbing fabric on a visit to Hart’s Fabric while in Santa Cruz.

It has been quite the week for getting stuff done, I even managed to make a cake too, this Lemon cake from the BBC Good Food website. Yum. (Holes on top from the syrup poke holes!)

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