Bank Holiday Monday…

My only day off this weekend, and it is… Raining.


Typical English weather. The only thing we can rely on is that it is unreliable, unpredictable, but…. what else would we talk about with random strangers as small talk otherwise?

“Some horrible weather we’re having” “Oh yes, raining cats and dogs out there”

So… activities for the day included:

-Building a LEGO Star Destroyer

6 hours it took. 6. It was quite stressful, involving many boxes of sorted pieces, having to carefully turn the pages so as not to crease/tear the instructions (Mr M likes to preserve things in pristine condition)… I quit. I’m not assisting next time. Brother M will have to come visit and do it instead.

-Making yet more sugar flowers…(just in case of epic breakage)

Note: I will do a proper post on these next weekend..

And tackling the next GBBO technical challenge in the book.

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