Fondant Flowers: Simple flowers for a Wedding Cake

This as a little overdue post, I had promised it just over a week ago, but I wanted to wait until after the wedding in question (no spoilers here), and hopefully have a picture of the end result!

A few months ago my friend’s sister saw a cake online that she wanted for her wedding, her mum and sister-in-law were baking the cake, but she couldn’t make the flowers as she didn’t have the cutters. I can’t share the picture as it’s copyrighted, but it had five point calyx and daisy flowers, arranged up the side of four tiers of white fondant covered cakes, with a teal ribbon around the base of each.

Rivka knew I had the cutters, so asked me if I would be able to make them…. super scary! Brides are notoriously scary I did worry I wouldn’t be able to make them nice enough… but seized upon the challenge, a good excuse to play around with icing for a bit!

One day therefore… I got out my bits and pieces:

..and set to making some flowers!

I had added some gum tragacanth to some regular fondant to firm it up, then rolled it out and cut out the flowers:

Then put them onto my flower pad to texture the surface (NB: I know it looks a little rough around the edges, but as you texture the surface that will help to smooth it out):

Here’s the action shot:

Then I used any available curved surface to dry them out on… Fancy Macaron box?

Yep. Enlisted into the cause.

The curved surface helps them dry out into pretty flower type shapes! So… I use curved bits of foam…. old boxes… even spoons, and stacked them up on my stackable cooling racks so soon the racks were filled with flowers drying:

Then I piped some centres on to the flowers with white royal icing, and a bag set up with a #2 tip:

Here you can see some of the daisy cut flowers too, and on the lower rack, some two-tone turquoise flowers, made with two layers of 5 point calyx flowers, and in the middle, some turquoise and white flowers.

The end result?

Well I packed the flowers in a 4L really useful box with two trays inside:

(I also made some slightly smaller sized flowers too)

Rivka picked them up on her way to Wales, and they put them onto the cakes….. and here is the finished result! (a picture that she texted me from the wedding)

Note: if anyone is interested, the cutters I used were these:

Daisy set

Calyx set

And I textured using this.

I like the PME plastic cutters as they’re nice on the hands, especially if you’re cutting out lots, without sharp edges to dig in to your fingers! They’re really well made too.

Lovely! Congrats Leah!

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