Grandma K’s Lemon Cheese

Whether you call it Lemon Cheese or Lemon Curd I think really boils down to preference. I usually refer to that stuff you buy in the supermarket as Lemon Curd, the homemade high quality stuff is Lemon Cheese, in my family anyway, and I love it!

I spent the morning at work, not very exciting. Did a bit of stitching:

Very exciting! Clearly, Christmas preparations have started!

This afternoon. I decided that I should probably do something more productive than watch 5 episodes back to back of Covert Affairs… Oh wait no…. I did that too…… But of course I was just passing the time while making something. Honest.

For that, I went back to an old recipe passed to me from my Grandmother (via Mum). You can tell that it is an old one too, as it’s pre-metrification. Thankfully my little scales can do both.

Grandma K’s Lemon Cheese Recipe


4 eggs

8oz (220g) unsalted butter

12oz (340g) caster sugar

4 large lemons


Zest and juice the lemons into a heatproof bowl.

Add the butter and sugar and set over a pan of simmering water.

Stir until the sugar has dissolved, and the butter has melted. Do not allow to boil.

Beat the eggs together in a separate bowl (or jug).

Take a cupful of the lemon/butter/sugar mixture and add to the eggs to bring them to temperature, then add the whole lot back into the bowl.

Stir until thickened (this may take a little while……..)

Pour into sterilised jars.


I had some with some butter on some nice sourdough bread….

….then I also made some more doughnuts (using the semi-broken fryer :() and used a piping bag to fill them with lemony loveliness!

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  1. Vikki Mabee · · Reply

    This is just like my husband’s grannie used to make!!! I misplaced her recipe and went searching and found yours..!!! thank you sooooooooo much! Delicious 🙂

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