The Room of Shame: Box tags for organising and sorting.

Our spare room is a source of great shame to me. It’s full of junk and random crafting supplies. When people come to stay I have to try and clear enough room so they can get to the bed, then it just gets messy again. A messy space is just not helpful when it comes to inspiring crafting or spending a restful time making something nice, so I decided that enough was enough – it was time to get organised!

A full post on this will follow once I have finished, but this is just a little bit on a simple project so that I could organise my stuff and make it pretty too! I bought some bits from IKEA to construct an IVAR shelving unit, and some boxes to organise the bits and pieces. Nice see through boxes so I can see what I have got… but boring boxes.


Yeah, not the tidiest of contents, they need further refining into tools vs consumables.

Rather than just a plain sticky label, or contents scribbled on using a Sharpie with my quite messy and often illegible handwriting, I decided to make some labels using some nice colourful clay! I used just regular soft oven bakable Fimo, and made some letters freehand using sausages of clay, and baked them at 110C for 30 minutes. Adding in a couple of flowers for extra pretty:


I would possibly have just stuck the letters straight onto the boxes, but as they are stackable boxes, the sides are not flat, so I mounted the letters on some brown cardboard using my trusty glue gun:


…and then onto the boxes:


I like them! I think they’re cute. Now to organise everything else……… *sigh*

Oh and this week Mr M was working some long hours, so I made something inspired by this pin on pinterest:


= regular box standard pasta….. but with extra love!

I have also been working on a few other things that I need to get finished before we go on holiday… but those posts will have to wait. I did make this card for my friend for his birthday, upcycled from an old card:


..and included a little card inside to entitle him to a session of “Bake with Marsh”!


  1. Love the labels!

    1. Thanks! They are a work in progress! Hopefully I will have sorted out most of the rest of my stuff this weekend, then I can make labels for all of the boxes! X

  2. ashamama · · Reply

    Hi! Can you tell me what bins those are and what size? 🙂 Thanks

    1. They are from ikea. I am afraid I can’t remember the name off hand, and I just bought the size that matched my shelves. Sorry to not be off more use!

      1. ashamama · ·

        Okay thanks! I have those shelves and want to maximize my space better. 🙂

      2. I think they are Samla boxes and lids.

      3. ashamama · ·

        Thanks Lindsay!

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