Moustachetastic Neck Warmer

This weekend we go away on holiday. Whooooooop!

I’m just a little excited.

We’re spending a few days in San Diego, then flying up to Portland, spending a few days there and meeting a friend of ours, driving up to Seattle, spending some time there including a trip up to Whistler for some skiing! It’s going to be a hectic trip but I can’t wait!

However, the last time we went to Whistler it was super duper cold. Especially when the wind blew up on top of the mountain, so I borrowed a neckwarmer off my friend.

It was practical.

But not exciting.

So, this time around I decided to make myself one! I bought half a metre of some nice red fleecey fabric and set to work!

First step was to measure around my head, plus a little extra for stitching together, and a rough estimate as to how long I wanted it to be:


Then, folded it in half, short side to short side and stitched it together at the sides, first with straight stitch, then zigzagged, then using straight stitch to sew the seam down flat. Next I folded the long edges up about 1cm and sewed them with zigzag stitch along the edge.



I also made another variation, where I used a double layer of fleece, but assembled in a similar way, but first forming a tube of fleece by folding it in half lengthwise and sewing along the long edge, then sewing the short edges together.


Practical, but still not very exciting. So I made a little something to embellish it with from this tutorial, it didn’t take that much time, and was pretty simple:


…………and attached it to the neckwarmer!


Best part is that the material cost was about £3, then I used a small amount of wool that I already had = super cheap in comparison to buying a neckwarmer. Bargain! And Super Stylish no?

I’m ready for the slopes Ashlei!

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