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The first very Valentines Day that my husband and I were together, I was just about recovering after having been in bed for over a week with Glandular fever.


I had looked like a swamp monster with squinty puffy eyes, and couldn’t stay awake for more than 5 minutes….. and we had only been going out for a few weeks!

But bless that man, it didn’t put him off…………………………… he spoiled me rotten.

Each year since, he has always made an effort for Valentines, I on the other hand…. well, I mostly end up buying a last minute card……

Poor show.

So I put in some effort this year!

I lined up a present early on, score wife points for me, a cupid’s arrow shaped coffee scoop for my coffee loving man.

Then I made some coffee dough from the tutorial by Diary of a Mad Crafter, which is just equal parts ground coffee, flour, salt, and water, and combined into a dough.

I rolled it out and then used some of my biscuit cutters to cut out shapes:


I made holes in the hearts and the cat (so that I could use them as tags) using a disposable drinking straw (cunning plan as it cuts them and collects them!), and cut the centres out of the A’s:


Then baked them in an oven at 100C for about an hour, flipping them over halfway through.


Some I painted with some red acrylic paint so that there was a bit of a contrast, and used them to decorate by box along with some white raffia.


Cute no? When I was making the coffee dough and baking it, Mr M was out, but it need leave a lingering smell of toasted coffee…. That’s when I baked some hobnobs to cover it up! Ha!

I also made him a card this year, using the pattern from the February issue of CrossStitcher Magazine, check how neat the back is! Then made it into a card along with a super cheesey phrase:


Cheesetastic I know.

Last, but not least, I made some biscuits out of the dough from this recipe. My brother bought me this cutter for christmas that allows you to imprint little messages in things…. So I cut out some hearts and imprinted them with Wife. (I call him wife, he calls me wife….. and this in fact predates us even being married!)


Then cut some other biscuits with the cutter and imprinted them with a more heartfelt and romantic message……………..


They’re not overwhelmingly coffee-y, more of a hint of coffee and a coffee aftertaste, and the baking powder causes them to puff up a little which can mask the imprinted letters. I shall try a different recipe next time I think. They look fairly cute though.


  1. diaryofamadcrafter · · Reply

    Sweet!! 🙂

  2. oiyoufood · · Reply

    You’ve been creative Mrs! Everything looks really great. Spesh the cross stich card. p.s. with the stamp I use it after I take the biscuits out of the oven while they are still soft. Even that is not very clear. Not sure if you have ever checked their website, pretty crazy! x

    1. I shall give it a whirl that way next time. X

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