Hobnob Day 2014

So, alas this year we can’t join in the mass handout on Stokes Croft.

Did that stop us from spreading oat-y joy?

It did not.

I took the opportunity to extend the hand of biscuit-y friendship to our neighbours, packaging up little bags of oat-y biscuit-y joy and popping them on everyone’s doorsteps:


I also included a little note, so that they:,a) were less suspicious, and b) were then able to share the hobnob love with others. Like so:



Happy Hobnob day everyone!

This year I only made standard hobnobs, but it is an infinitely variable recipe, and you can see some variations here.


  1. Have you heard back from any of them?

    1. Not yet, but then we were out for most of the day yesterday. And they may think we’re just weird and British!

      1. No, it was a nice thing to do! I’m sure someone will come and say hi 🙂

      2. Update: we found a post it note on our door when we got back today!

      3. And? What did it say? Have you made new friends?

      4. Just thanks and their names. X

      5. ….. and then a visit from the woman upstairs to introduce herself…..

      6. Yay!! Excellent neighbourly friend making skills 😀

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