You there. You get a Gold Star!

This past couple weeks have been a bit of a blur. Hectic and busy, so much going on, but soon, very soon this will change.

Work-wise I have been training another member of staff who has stepped into the breach to save us when we were in a bit of a bind. There was a lot to learn in a short space of time, and she did really excellently. Excellence and hard work and dedication should be rewarded.

I decided to make her a gold star!

I stitched it using DMC 728 on 14ct plastic canvas:

Gold Star BadgeApparently it looks like a star out of a video game, which is partly because I miscounted when cutting a piece of plastic canvas to stitch it onto, and so had to modify the star so that the top left and top right points were slightly less wide.

I glued a badge pin on to the reverse with my glue gun.

Gold Star Badge (Reverse)Simple but effective.

Gold star for Ruby!

If you want to make one, I include the chart below. The one on the left is for *ahem* people that like a slightly misshapen star…… and the one on the right I how it was originally going to look! Ha!

Gold Star PatternIt took me about an hour maybe all in, so pretty simple and quick to do!

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