Cross stitcher in training.

I think the last time I did any cross stitch, or pretty much any embroidery, was about 15 years ago. It was a box of butterflies. I think my mum still has it.

But I saw a pattern I liked. It was pretty, it was cute, and it was Royal kitsch.


It was however a big project, so I needed some cross stitch training wheels.

Both of these projects came from the March issue of CrossStitcher Magazine, the cushion being an Emma Bridgewater design for the Diamond Jubilee, and this being a free gift.


So, I assembled my bits and pieces that came with it, photocopied my pattern (so I can mark it off as I go), and stitched my soluble canvas on to the felt…. Now, I was ready.

I started off first with the aqua coloured stitching, highlighting the pattern as I filled in the stitches:


Then however, I ran out of thread. Schoolgirl error.


I should also mention that I didn’t use the needle provided, a blunt cross stitch needle, as it was difficult to use to sew through the felt, using instead a sharp pointed regular needle instead.


Dark green done.


Light green done.


…. and then I ran out of dark blue with one flower left….


… and I ran out of light blue…


….and then I ran out of red. Time for a trip to the shop perhaps..

Pretty good value for a magazine, £3.99 with lots of patterns included, and with free kit including the items to make it, however the lack of enough thread… Boo.

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