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Book Review: Bread and Butter by Erin McKenna

A few weeks ago we went to Florida with some friends. On our last day we had run out of regular bread, so had to eat some of my friend’s Gluten Free bread. I now feel the pain of Gluten Free bread. It is a tragic thing. So for my next book to review I […]

Baking for guests: Gluten-Free Banana (and Chocolate Chip) Cake.

This weekend I had the last of our visitors for a while, two of our awesome friends from Bristol, one of whom I used to work with, and who we had a reciprocal cat-sitting arrangement with. I think they were just as excited (if not more so) to see our cats as they were to […]

Ginger and Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Putting vegetables in cake makes it healthy right? Even though it has chocolate in it too? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Much like every other time I bake… I added a little something extra when making these cakes…….. Ginger! Ginger and Chocolate Chip Cupcakes Recipe – adapted from Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache […]