For my birthday…

….I suspect many years ago, I received this book:


as a gift from my lovely Lizzie. I love it, it’s full of fun things to make, right up my street….

None of the items have been made, including the one that came pre-cut ready to sew together, until now.


A happy few hours well spent with my trusty Bernina…


Good girl Bernie.

I also have however, this pile:


And these two boxes:


Of random fabric oddments and projects…. one day they will all be made into things of joy….. baby steps…. baby steps….

P.s. one of the projects was to make some eye masks to replace the sad looking old ones we had in our Virgin Atlantic flight packs. I had some of the material I used for our curtains left…..


Tragic or sweet? You decide.

P.p.s. my DVD player may have died, it was skipping and doing weird things…. I have brought out my trusty sidekick throughout the Durham years…


Bless it.

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