Indoor skydiving

I blame insomnia for this post, I still am struggling to stay asleep, but I thought I would share this with you.

Never ever wanting to do an actual skydive out of a plane (scared scared scared of heights/ death/ falling), I (along with all the other people on this merry trip) signed up to an indoor skydiving session.


As we waited for our briefing, we watched the instructors practice and train…. Crazy crazy mad things they are, doing somersaults, dives, headstands….. Little bit more nervous after this!

After watching the introductory training video, and getting suited up, we all lined up and sat waiting for our turn.

Key things and hand signals:


Chin up.


Straighten legs.


Bend legs.



I mainly got told to keep my chin up and relax. Possibly because I kept looking down and going aaaagh! Oh and not being able to breathe properly due to all the air blowing in my face. I also seemed to fly very high in comparison to the others? Different technique/ position? Or just airspeed not adjusted for weight etc?

On the second flight, once we had got the hang of the basics, our instructor Emmett took us by the leg and arm and started twirling us around and flying very high up into the tunnel.


Verdict? I would definitely go again, but am still not up for an actual skydive. Apparently there are places in Manchester and Milton Keynes that do it in the UK. Oh and apparently I looked like a banana.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to the Cheesecake Factory.

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