What to do with 10 egg whites? Let’s have our fourth attempt at Macarons!


As mentioned, I have tried these before… A couple of times in fact, each time they sort of resembled Nipples. Seriously:


So having lots of leftover egg whites from custard tart making, the time was right for a fresh attempt! This post also marks the first appearance of my lovely Mr M, or at least his hands/ arms, thanks Mr M for your invaluable interference/ assistance!


Mint Chocolate Macarons – adapted from the Rose and Raspberry Macarons recipe from The Boy who Bakes by Edd Kimber. (NB. also many Macaron recipes on his blog @ theboywhobakes.co.uk)



170g icing sugar

160g ground almonds

120ml  egg whites from about 4 medium eggs, divided into two equal batches

160g granulated sugar

green gel food colouring

1tsp peppermint extract

Mint Chocolate Ganache

220g finely chopped dark chocolate

240ml double cream

50g unsalted butter, at room temperature in small pieces

2tsp peppermint extract



Line two baking trays with baking parchment.

Put the icing sugar and ground almonds into the bowl of a food processor and pulse until fully combined. Sift this mixture into a large bowl, discarding any small particles that stay in the sieve.

Add the first batch of egg whites to the almond mixture, mix together to form a thick paste, then set aside.

Put 50ml of water and the granulated sugar in a small pan set over medium heat. Bring to the boil and have a sugar thermometer ready.


Meanwhile, put the second bowl of egg whites into a clean, grease-free bowl (note: Edd recommends using a stand mixer, but I find that it’s not enough mixture to work in my stand mixer?) and whisk them on medium.


Start whisking the whites on high speed when the syrup in the pan reaches about 110C on the sugar thermometer. Cook the syrup until it registers 118C. Pour the syrup slowly down the side of the bowl with the whites, avoiding the beaters.

Continue to whisk the meringue on high until the mixture has cooled slightly and the bowl is no longer hot to the touch but is still warm. Add the food colouring and peppermint extract and whisk to combine.

Scrape the meringue onto the almond misture and gently fold together. It is important not to overmix the batter, it should fall in a thick ribbon from the spatula, fading back into the batter within about 30 seconds. If it doesn’t, fold a few more times.


Add the batter to a piping bag fitted with a 1cm wide plain piping nozzle. Pipe rounds about 2.5cm in diameter onto the prepared baking trays.


Leave to rest for about 30 minutes,  or until the macarons have developed a skin and are no longer sticky, and preheat the oven 170C/ 150C (fan)/ gas mark 3. Then bake for 12 minutes, immediately slide the parchment onto the work surface and allow the macarons to cool for a few minutes before gently sliding them off the paper.


Put the chopped chocolate into a medium bowl and set aside. Put the double cream into a small pan set over medium heat, and bring just to the boil. Pour over the chocolate and leave to stand for a few minutes before stirring gently to combine. Add the butter and peppermint extract and gently stir until just smooth and combined. Allow it to stand until thickened enough to hold its shape. Fill a piping bag, fitted with a small piping nozzle, with the ganache and pipe onto half the macarons.


Sandwich with another macaron.



I reckon it almost counts as success! They’re a bit misshapen, possibly could have done with less time in the oven as they have started to brown a little around the edges, and when cooled they were a little chewy… It could have a little to do with the ganache making/ filling not taking place until the next day, so perhaps it would help them not dry out/ keep them moist?

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