Flowerpot Cakes

One of my favourite shops to peruse for kitchen tat/ gadgets that I simply must have is Lakeland. On a visit to York, I excitedly wandered about admiring all and came out with (amongst other things) this:


I have seen rolls, and cakes baked in actual terracotta flowerpots before, but this seemed much easier. I stood the cases in a muffin tin to make them easier (and more stable) to put in, and take out of the oven.


I used my standard go to chocolate cake recipe (with 2 eggs this time so that the moulds would be nicely full).


20 minutes in the oven at 180C/ 350F…..


…and we had a nice chocolate cake-smelling house!

Then I made some green buttercream…


…and piped it on to the cakes using a star nozzle…


Then I used some sugar flowers to decorate them, I tend to have a flower making session every once in a while and make a few…


….then I have them ready for when I need them.

And voila!





(I know there are two missing, Andrew and I thought that we should probably test them out…. Make sure they’re not poisoned/ substandard! 😉 )


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