A Roman Outing.

Time for another bit of fancy dress…

This time the theme was Roman…. Togas… Goddesses… And warriors with Mohawk helmets. Clearly…. I wanted a Mohawk helmet.

The pattern I used was…


McCall’s 2060, making view F:


The pattern involved 18 pieces, covering the simple, a cape with drawstring closure, to the complex, the Mohawk helmet with visor, chin strap, crest, and trim!

First step, as ever for me, was to identify all the pieces I would need, and to trace them ready for using for cutting.


I try to avoid using the original wherever as a) I’m a bit funny like that and like to keep the patterns complete (especially if they are multisize), and b)…. in case I mess up, then I’ve always got the original to go back to.

So then I cut out the patterns… then pinned them to the materials and started cutting…


Ending up with a large pile of bits to sew together…


I started with the easiest item. Making the cape involved hemming, making two channels for the cord, threading it, and then done!


Next the white under dress/robe, if at worst case I didn’t get chance to finish the rest of the outfit, I could belt it up and it would do. 4 main pieces and some facings…..


Next, the tunic, with faux leather skirt and short sleeves, gold buttons, and sewn washboard abs.




Some faux leather boot cuffs, worn over the finest Primarni gladiator sandals…


Lastly, a belt of faux leather… But then I considered that although a Roman warrior had no need for a bag… A modern day lady Roman warrior needs somewhere for her phone…money….keys…. So I created a belt purse to go on it….


Accessorised with a high quality foam sword…


….and some beautiful gold…


And done! Do I look fearsome?


….and here’s a little picture of all of us…. I love my friends :o)



  1. Jonathan · · Reply

    Straight out of 300 😉 Does Andrew have a matching outfit :-P?!!

    1. It’s a girlie girl and girlie boy night out! I think he has plans with the PS3.

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