Baking with Herman: Herman the friendly cake.

It turns out, good deeds really do get repaid.

I took in my chocolate cake, apple tart, and swiss chocolate to work today, resulting in much delight from my colleagues. Apple Tart was lush, Chocolate cake was really delicious…. Yumtastic.

When I got to work, I was also presented with this:


Complete with these instructions:


I had read about Herman in a blog post by Sam’s Kitchen, it appealed to the microbiologist in me (much like sourdough… also need to get me some of that!). Then my friend mentioned last week that she had some, and that next time she split hers she would bring it in for me… So brought me some in on day 4 (as I was away at the weekend when she split it) ready to nurture and play with!

I took it home and put it in a bigger pot:


Then added 120g plain flour, 200g sugar, and 240ml of milk…. mixed it up… and there it is ready for growing!


Hey Herman.

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