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A couple of weeks ago I hosted a one woman bake sale. My co-worker Safa missed out on the cakes yet again and was very sad (she has missed out on cakes on many occasions now) so donated some money in exchange for me baking her a special cake just for her next time I […]

Earl Grey Cupcakes… in cups.

Tonight I am all on my lonesome… so I asked the twittersphere what I should do. Apparently the answer was to do a craftbaketacular blog post. This was inspired by my lovely Rivka, writer of books, maker of lovely things, and general overall spectacular person. For my birthday, I got these: I must confess, I […]

Skulls and Ponies Craft Swap.

A few months ago I started following Fran, the lady behind Skulls and Ponies, on Twitter. She announced that once again she would be organising a craft swap, where she would partner up people to make things for each other. I was partnered with Stu, and we swapped lists of interests, and things we liked…. […]

Jubilee Buns

Ahh Queenie, how glad we are to have you. And this year you have ruled this land (although I guess you are more of a figurehead these days than a full “off with their heads!” type ruler than the first Elizabeth) for 60 years. Cor blimey! This recipe I found in one of my books […]

Bunting for a Very British Royal Garden Party.

So, us lucky Brits are having an extra day off this year thanks the the Diamond Jubilee of dear old Queenie. Go Queenie! I, for one, am planning a Royal Garden Party to celebrate (much like we did last year for the Royal Wedding), and this is the first in a series of posts relating […]

Baking with Herman: take 5 – two variations: Coconut and Cardamom, and Banana, Chocolate, and Ginger.

Yey! It’s Herman bake day! I had been dying to make something with Cardamom, ever since I had some Cardamom shortbread at the Better Food Company (it was tasty). I also had picked up some of this: So from that, came this…. —————————————————————————————————- Coconut and Cardamom Herman Recipe Ingredients 250ml coconut cream a good handful […]

Making Sugar Roses with Anna Tyler Cakes.

When I was younger, I used to go to the occasional sugarcraft class with my Mum. I could pipe Roses (badly), pipe basketweave (again, kinda badly), and make some attempt at fondant flowers…. alas, badly. I have within the last few years started to try to learn again, with some assistance from my Mum, my […]

Millionaire’s Shortbread

This is another recipe from one of those books that makes you go “oooh I want to make that!….and that, and that too”…. It is also one of those occasions where you realise that you have run out of this, or don’t have any of that.. in this case, Golden Syrup, Butter, and Semolina. So […]

Learning to knit: machine style.

A little while back (although when I say a little while back I think I mean about 6 months to a year ago!), Mr M’s mother loaned me her old knitting machine to have a play with. This weekend they have come to visit, so I have been having my long promised lesson on how […]

Coffee Kisses.

A person who works in our laboratory was recently diagnosed with MS, (a friend of mine also has MS) so we decided to have a bake sale. Charity + Cake? What could be better. Alas I am working at a different trust this week and couldn’t participate in the bake sale with everyone else, so […]