Learning to knit: machine style.

A little while back (although when I say a little while back I think I mean about 6 months to a year ago!), Mr M’s mother loaned me her old knitting machine to have a play with.


This weekend they have come to visit, so I have been having my long promised lesson on how to work it.

Look at this woman, she looks so pleased:


No sooner had we got it out of the box and set up… (note the nifty homemade knitting machine table that Mr M Snr made)


….Mr M of course wanted in on it (he does in fact love gadgets of all kinds):


Then I started to have a play…. Cue much frustration! Technology! Erk!

However, after a fashion I managed some plain knitting:


…and then got a bit fancy with a hem (the reason for it being so short post hem being that I then got it all caught up….):


I think I had better practice! Then I too can have a super stylish cardigan!


(ladies…control yourselves)

Oh and the other Mrs M decided to make my knitted Dobby some clothes out of a practice piece..


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