A couple of weeks ago I hosted a one woman bake sale. My co-worker Safa missed out on the cakes yet again and was very sad (she has missed out on cakes on many occasions now) so donated some money in exchange for me baking her a special cake just for her next time I was here… so I did.

But what to make? She was no assistance, she likes all cakes and had no particular preference that she would confess to….Schokolade kuchen time again!


She was very pleased, took it home, ate some…. Loved it.

When I got to work this morning, she rang me up from the lab downstairs and said she had something for me:


A keyring from the last time she went home to Jordan, and the closest thing to a medal she could find. Bless.

Apparently it was lovely and moist and chocolatey, and even better than M&S Chocolate Cake. High praise indeed.

Perhaps I should change to name to “it’s not just baking… It’s Lindsay baking…”

P.S. I had a second attempt at roses tonight, without the watchful eye of Anna….


I think they turned out ok, although technically they need another layer of petals….

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