The CraftBaketacular: day 6 making the “In the Night Garden” cake.

Ok, it was time to put the plans into action. Time for putting together the cake! As mentioned in the Haahoo post… I can’t make figures. Thankfully I found these, just the right size for a cake, brightly coloured, and of course can be played with after the event too!

The request was for a big cake, and some individual cupcakes.

First, the cupcakes. An earlier post dealt with making some Haahoos for the top of some of the cupcakes, I also had a Daisy making session:


and also made some coloured balls of icing.

I made a batch of 12 regular chocolate cakes…


Only filling them half full, so that the cakes would be fairly flat on top, and below the top of the cases.

Next I rolled out some green fondant and cut out circles using a pastry cutter, and applied them to the surfaces of the cakes with a little buttercream to help them stick. I then smoothed the surface out to the edges using a small rolling pin….


The Haahoo cakes were easy, I simply stuck them on with a little royal icing:


I then used a leaf nozzle and some green royal icing to pipe little leaves, then sticking a daisy on in the centre:


For the final few cakes, I used a grass nozzle to pipe a little bit of grass, and then put some red and blue icing balls on too.

Cupcakes done!


For the main cake, I made two plain vanilla sponges…


I iced both the board, and cakes with green fondant, using a thin skim of buttercream. I took a small piece out of the side, and iced that in a dark grey…


Then I made the path out of small blobs of yellow fondant..


..which were then pressed into the surface. I also put some daisies on with some piped leaves, and used a little more piping, with the grass nozzle, to cover the join between cake and board.


The dark grey bit was also accessorised with some stones and rocks made out of more fondant (held in place with a bit of extra assistance from some cocktail sticks) to make Makka Pakka’s cave…


…. then with all the other characters in place…




It is done!



  1. Wowzer! That is amazing. Just been searching for ideas for an ITNG cake for my wee man’s first birthday in October. You’ve given me lots of inspiration!

    1. Thanks! It actually wasn’t too hard to do. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Rosalille · · Reply

    Amazing! Am off to buy those figures today. Have 6 weeks to practice my daisy making… Thank you for this.

    1. No problem! Hope you have fun with it!

  3. Thank you so much – I am not a cake maker! (typical bloke) but it is my daughters first birthday next month and i want to make something special as she really loves ITNG. Many thanks for posting your pics

    1. Thanks! It’s not too tricky when you can cheat with ready made figurines!

      Hope it goes well and she likes it!

  4. Kerri · · Reply

    Hi, what a great cake! My daughter is 1 next month, and I’ve already ordered the figures (fab idea!) Did you make a Victoria sponge, or 2 larger sized sponges please? X

    1. I just made a regular vanilla cake. You can use whatever you like!

  5. Hi, what a great cake! My daughter is 1 next month, and will love this. I’ve ordered the figures already, but can you give me some info on the actual cake please? Did you make a Victoria sponge, or are they 2 larger sponges, sandwiched together? Thanks, x

    1. Ha! I had to look back at the pictures in the post for this! It is just two regular round vanilla cakes, sandwiched together with a small amount of buttercream, no jam so not really a proper Victoria sponge, as I seem to recall something about someone not liking jam who was going to be eating it!

  6. I am so going to try and copy this 😉 can you just tell me what you used to get the stone colours? I’m guessing that’s not pre made icing in grey/beige. Also, do you stick the flowers on with water or buttercream? Finally, do you recommend any sugar paste cutters e.g for flowers? Seen some on Amazon but reviews hit and miss. Thank you! 🙂

    1. The stone colours are a little bit of black for the grey, and quite a bit of ivory/caramel colour for the beige ones. Just add a little gel colour at a time until you are happy with it.

      I just used water to stick the flowers on, when the fondant is lightly moistened it is usually enough, if not, a little bit of royal icing is usually better than buttercream.

      I recommend the PME plunger cutters rather than the cheaper ones. The others will do the job, but tend to be a bit rough edged and hard to work with. I use those ones a lot as I love the simplicity of daisies, so it was a good investment in that little extra, but it is up to you.

      Hope this helps! Have fun with it!

  7. Only just seen your reply. Thank you so much! I didn’t even know you could get Ivory/caramel colouring ! Just had a go at nigella’s buttermilk birthday cake for a sponge recipe and it didn’t go so well! Will try and vanilla layer cake next. Fingers crossed I master it! Have a great Christmas 🙂

  8. Vanessa · · Reply

    Fantastic cake! Thinking of buying these figurines and decorating a similar cake. Please could you tell me the diameter of the big round cake you baked? Many thanks 🙂

    1. Ummm… I am afraid I can’t remember, but I suspect it was a 10″ cake as I only have a limited selection of tins!

      1. Vanessa · ·

        Thank you for the reply!

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