Skulls and Ponies Craft Swap: my swap item! Chibishou Harry Potter Cross Stitch!

I posted about the item I sent for the craft swap a couple of weeks ago. This morning, my item arrived….


How. Freaking. Cool. Is. It.

I love love love it!

My friends that I went to the Studio Tour with are unbelievably jealous. And rightly so!

Thanks Stu! You are awesome! (blog post about the item is forthcoming)

He is now pride of place on the mantelpiece.


Our craft swap was in fact so successful, that we are already planning further swaps so that we can each complete each other’s set!


  1. That is incredible!!!

    1. I know! He seems to be happy with his item too, so I think we both did well! I may have to guard it carefully so that Lizzie doesn’t steal off with it when she goes back to York!

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