Continuing the Kindle case…

….the time had come to finish off bits and pieces. You know, those things that you start, but don’t quite finish? When we made the Kindle cases a few weeks ago using wet felting around a bubblewrap resist, the intention was to embellish and decorate them.


After about a week (yes, I know! A week!), they were finally properly dry and ready for a little decoration!

The plain turquoise one is mine, and still to be fully completed (but I’ll get to that later..). This is a case I made for my friend Lizzie as a surprise. The first layers were blue, with the top layer of wool a turquoise colour (to be honest, this was because we ran out of blue, but I think it looks ace!), resulting in a two-tone effect.

I decided to needle felt the decorations, so put a foam pad inside the case:


I attached a strip (from where I cut across the top to remove the resist) to the top, as a loop to close the case, using needle felting (much easier to needle felt homemade felt together than shop bought!):


To decorate, using some more loose wool roving, I wrote her other little nickname freehand in capitals…



Then added some more wool and neatened it up:


Then a bit of pretty….


…and then out with the button jar..


….and sewn on…


…Done! I think it looks cute! I did intend the pink bits to look like flowers, but I think they in some ways look like butterflies…. Oh well. I finally got around to posting it to Lizzie about 2 weeks later (and so could finally publish this post), and she liked it, so that is after all the main thing. She sent me a text message in fact to say that everytime she looked at it she smiled and felt loved. Yep, I loves you! It’s true!



And for mine? Well, I added some letters and leaves to one side…..


And some daisies to the other!



  1. Great project! How much larger than the IPad case do you make the felt? Can’t wait to start one.

    1. It will slightly depend on the shrinkage of the wool that you are using, but with ours it was around 30%. You can stretch it and play with it a little though to get it to the right size.

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