Cross stitch: The Return of the Superhero/villain!

I thought about it.

The MRSA cross stitch was just too cute and nerdtastic to stay unstitched. Well, by me anyway. So I took the design that I made for our Trainee’s leaving present, and made one for myself!

First I drew in a cross across the design to find the centre:


Then…. well, I went wild/ lazy, and instead of stitching in the centre, I just started from the centre of the design and began stitching, so here is his centre cell, badge, and cape tie:


Then his other lower cells. Note: I stitched the backstitching round each cell as I went along, so that it was easier to see where I was up to in the design.


Then I added the cape, head cell, and the backstitching around the badge. Originally I put to do the backstitching of the badge in black, but I had some gold thread so I thought I would use that instead!

Isn’t he cute. Bless. From the expression on his face he seems like he is a hero… alas. He is a Villain. Or at least that’s what government targets would have us believe.


I think I might do more Microbiology themed projects. I do love my bacteria so, I may as well proclaim it to the world!


  1. lawen83 · · Reply

    Love this beyond words! I think I may make the Ah! The element of surprise one for my flat 😀

    1. I saw something even better yesterday……

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