Yeah I made a Brownie in the Microwave….. Don’t judge me.

So, today started off well…. and productively. I went to the cake decorating shop and bought some teal coloured fondant icing ready to make some flowers for my friend’s sister’s wedding cake. Oh, and finished the book I was reading… P.s. everyone buy Summer Loving by Rivka Spicer. It’s awesome.

Back to what I was talking about… Oh yes, I did some errands, so far, so good, then once I got back in my house. I tidied, cleaned, vacuumed… I was a housework machine!

However, after all that productivity…. I was tired. Andrew is still in Switzerland until tomorrow. I have lost a book that I was planning on trying out a new recipe from. And I had neither cake nor chocolate. Hmmph.

Enter Pinterest.

About a week ago I had pinned this recipe

I am very sceptical of microwaved stuff that should be baked. I have had a recipe for cake in a mug previously. It wasn’t good. It had the texture of a bath sponge. When did you ever want to eat a bath sponge? But…. it was necessary. I was in need of chocolate. Or cake. Ideally both. And this provided me with cake in less than 2 minutes.


It’s…. not bad actually, definitely edible. It even retains a little squidginess, as all good brownies should. It could’ve done with some icecream… but as mentioned. I was tired. There was no way I was going to the shop. It was a whole 5 minutes walk away after all!

It’s even vegan. Steady on.

Update: as per the comment below, I made another one of these using strong espresso instead of water. Mr M approved greatly. Recommended if you like coffee, it gives a hint of coffee, but not too strongly.


  1. lawen83 · · Reply

    Love it! I feel I need to try this out, cake in under 2 minutes, the the dream!

    1. It’s definitely better than the chocolate cake microwave recipe I had ages ago. That was like biting down on a bath sponge.

  2. Firstly, thanks for the shout out!! Secondly, I don’t know why I can’t read your posts through my WordPress app. How do you read blogs you follow? Thirdly, my favourite brownie recipe growing up was a microwave one. It was a 7 minutes in the microwave family size tray bake. I’m sure my mum will have the recipe somewhere! Will definitely have to try this version 😀

    1. I go to read, then they are there. Perhaps your app needs updating? Mine didn’t show blogs for a while, but then I updated and it works.

      Of course I would shout out! You are awesome. I’m not sure how many people actually read my blog though! Love you! X

  3. I made this last week as well! I liked it, but it was more like a cake than a brownie. I like my brownies as fudgey as possible 🙂

    1. Of course. Non-fudgey brownies are not brownies! Mine did have a lil’ bit of fudgey in it still, perhaps a few seconds less in the microwave?

      I was kind of impressed with it, I did have a microwave chocolate mug cake recipe ages ago, but that was like biting down on a bath sponge. Ick. Filed away in NEVER AGAIN!

      1. Yeah I’m almost sure I put them in too long….I made another one (the strawberry one, if youve seen it on pinterest) It was awwwwful! But when they do come out, it’s awesome, I mean dessert in less than 2 minutes?! Yes please!

      2. Yep! 2 minutes from start to finish! Fabuloso! Sometimes you just gotta have some cake or chocolate and waiting around just won’t do!

  4. Incantevole · · Reply

    Just made one! Totally good!

    1. How did it go for you? Did you find it still fudgey enough for Brownie?

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe!! It is way 2 easy to make though! 🙂 At least it only makes 1, other wise it’s so good I would DEF be back for seconds! I pinned this from another person and it is just a smidgen diff, it calls for 2 tbs of coffee, milk, or water. I ALWAYS use the coffee that I have left over in the pot from the morning. Sometimes I have to put a few more drops of liquid in to get it mixed to the right consistency (when I put it in the mic it is more of a paste than the pic u have)

    1. Oh really? Brownie with coffee seems like something Mr M would be all over! Thanks for the tip!

  6. mmm! yummy. quick chocolate fix, surprisingly not as sweet as i thought it would be with that amount of sugar.1min 20secs in my 1000w microwave. now need some exercise to work off the calories. thanks Linds!:)

    1. Yep, really easy. I fancied one yesterday but we’re out of cocoa powder!

  7. i tired it and honestly its not good! maybe try milk and a little more sugar!:)

    1. Really? I love them! But always need to make sure everything is mixed really well, especially at the bottom. And I love an intense chocolate hit, so find it’s sweet enough already, but I guess that’s an individual thing.

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