A weekend cycle.

People lie. Even people you are supposed to be able to trust. Like husbands. And brothers in law. Generally members of your family.

So when they say it’s a nice gentle cycle, a Tarmac covered path, you think “Great! I can do that.” However, they lie! It was all uphill except for on the way back obv.), there was mud and rocks involved……. But I did it! I got some actual mud on my bike for pretty much the first time ever! (p.s. I don’t have any pictures of the icky bit as I was too busy concentrating)

I have also been doing some knitting while Mr M and Brother M watched the F1. But that has yet to complete…. So, here are some pictures from the cycle!!

Note the stylin’ combo of denims over padded pants, twinned with my stripey Potter tee. Plus helmet of course. Safe is cool.

Brother Marsh does some catalogue poses.

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