Pigeon tales: something funny happened last week……

Last week I had a comment on one of my posts:

Well… the pigeon costume is massive. While wearing it at my friend’s party, I couldn’t enter the kitchen, other than edging through the door then reversing back out again, as I literally couldn’t turn around in there, (a good excuse to make Mr M fetch me beverages and food all night :)) so I wasn’t sure how this was going to work…

So I emailed him:

The reply?

Hmmm…. well that was about 3 hours away… a little bit far. So, alas it seemed like a no go. I was working in Southmead so couldn’t get to a Post Office, plus the size and weight of it meant it was probably going to cost a whole lot to post.

But bless him, he really wanted that costume. We discussed further in email, but really it was going to have to be a face to face handover, as it was too big to post, but the 3 hours driving distance between us meant that that was going to be tricky too…

It seemed all was lost……

Then I got this email:

Bahhh ha ha!

I actually properly laughed out loud. Not just in a kiddie text speak “haha LOL” sortof way. But in a full on belly laugh, person I was working with thinking I was crazy, sort of laugh.

So anyone who knows me in reality, outside of the world of this blog, or I guess who has read my About page, knows that I do in fact, both live and work in the lovely city of Bristol.

So I replied:

His response?

It made me laugh, smile, and even grin from ear to ear ALL DAY!

I was so pleased it had all worked out.

In preparation for a 6ft 2″ man wearing the costume, I took the liners out of the feet to accommodate bigger feet, and also opened up a small gap in the seam of the inner lining of the body so that some of the stuffing could be removed if needed. Thankfully, the costume was huge on me, and while I am short in stature overall, I am short in leg, long in body, so it should work. Getting it out of the loft was also a good excuse to take some better pictures before it went too, so I have updated the original post accordingly, but here’s one of the funky Pigeon.

I met up with him at the Travelodge where they were staying and handed over the Pigeon in a big black bag (for concealment as Shhhh! It was a secret!)

He promised to share pictures, so a few days later he sent me this email:

Too funny. I am soooo pleased that it all worked out well! It really made me smile. A really lovely guy too, so it makes me so happy that we could sort it out for him, and let the Pigeon fly once more!

So here are a few of the pictures:

Pigeon and friends.

Pigeon ear protection?

Armed and dangerous!

Shooting his clay buddies. (I absolutely love that he’s wearing the feet too!)

Pigeon in the pub.

Lady Pigeon!

Absolutely amazing. I can’t post videos on this blog, but he also sent me footage of the Pigeon on stage!

Fabulous tale. Absolutely love it.

Thanks Brian!


  1. oiyoufood · · Reply

    Huh! Crazy tale. That pegion deserves the fame! Amazing!

    1. Truth is stranger than fiction!

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