Twice fried fries.

I bought myself a new toy on monday.

Fed up of faffing about with big pans of oil, continually adjusting the gas so that temperature is right… Oh and did I mention big pan of oil + naked flame?
Not safe.

So tonight I thought I would try it out by making some chips.

I did it Joy the Baker style, slicing them thin….

then twice cooking the chips, first for 6 minutes at 130C, to cook them through, then 3 minutes at 180C to brown and crisp them up.

I drained them off on some kitchen roll.

To go with  them, I remembered that an embarassingly long time ago we bought this:

…at the Bath Christmas Markets.

I took some of the Garlic and Herb seasoning and added it to some mayonnaise…

So there you have it! Twice fried chips with (cheating) garlic and herb mayo.

As for the Fryer? First time used and the hinge where the handle attaches has come off. Welding fail.

Thankfully I got it at John Lewis so can take it back for exchange. It’s a shame, as otherwise I like it, it felt (until the handle hinge came off) quite robust with easy to work controls. Also, all the bits for the fryer, except the heating element, can go in the dishwasher.

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