Kirby Style Comfort Food: Jolly Cakes

In this house, when people come to visit and have a Marsh breakfast, generally Mr M makes the full works. I’m actually not a fan.

My favourite thing for breakfast is one of those family recipes where no one is really sure where it came from, but is a well-loved standby when you need something quick to fill a hole. My Grandma K used to make us them for breakfast when we would go visit. I asked my Mum where they came from, she had no idea, and Grandma K is alas, no longer with us, so it will have to remain a mystery!

(FYI, a proper meal in the Kirby family has Yorkshire Puddings in starter, main, and pudding)

(Further FYI, when we had a cold, the Kirby family remedy consisted of butter, sugar and vinegar. I know. You’re suspicious. It’s lush. My brother and I sometimes used to have it when we weren’t even ill, or pretended we were ill so we could have some….)

It’s simple. It only has 3 ingredients. You probably have them in your cupboard at home.

Jolly Cakes Recipe


Plain flour (about a cup per person)

Pinch of salt


(yep…. that’s it)


Add the flour and salt to a bowl.

Add enough water to mix it up into a sticky dough.

Drop spoonfuls of dough into a greased frying pan and flatten slightly. Note: this time round I used one of those oil sprays to grease my pan, but previously I have just just oil… I suspect my Grandma used to use dripping or something else equally icky back in the day!

Cook over a medium heat until the mixture darkens, then lightens again and starts to colour slightly, then flip over and do the other side.

Once both sides are done… that’s it!

So… you can serve them as part of a full english style breakfast, my Mum likes them with an egg…. I just have them with a squirt of Ketchup.





  1. How much water? A cup?

    1. Just as much as you need. Add a bit at a time until it is not stiff, little bit sticky, but not too sloppy.

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