Learning to Crochet

This weekend we’re paying a visit to Mama and Papa M, and feeling a bit sub-par and lazy, it is half 4 in the afternoon and I am still in my pyjamas.

Hey ho. It’s Saturday, and I’m not working, so I will have a pyjama day if I like. I have however been reading, making Pom Poms, and learning to crochet from Mrs M (the elder).


A start at least. I wanted to learn to crochet for a little Christmas present related thing, so decided to take the opportunity while we were here.

I’m sure The Lazy Crafter would be proud.

P.S. I will be bothering you for more local assistance if I get stuck!


  1. oiyoufood · · Reply

    If you need crochet hooks (any size that is) let me know!

    1. Thanks love! X

  2. Yay for crochet! You have done so much better than me when I tried to learn, mine was all wonky and stitches different sizes! If you find you’re enjoying the crochet, I have lots of books and patterns you can borrow x

    1. Thanks love! I knew I could count on you to lead me in the ways of the crochet hook. 😉

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