Reggae Custard Tarts

There’s a guy at work. Our IT guy. I made Custard Tarts once, and brought them into work. They were a big hit. They now are my go-to thing to make for bribery.

Last week however, he fixed one of my IT related problems, before I even nagged him the second time (and before he got the email where I said there might be custard tarts in it for him), so perhaps a reward was needed….

He also has a bad sense of humour.

These were his idea, as he loves bakewell tarts, and custard tarts, so thought I should combine the two (he also suggested a layer of marzipan… I passed on that one). The bad sense of humour relates to his name for them… Custard tarts like Bob Marley might have made… because they have jam-in.


I altered the original recipe  slightly to make these general Reggae Custard Tarts as I had a spare evening, and to stop him from asking every morning….

They seem a little similar to that crazy looking technical challenge in the bake off, The Queen of Puddings, involving custard and jam. However, custard + jam + meringue, sounds a little ick, hopefully jam + custard + pastry = Tasty.

I made the pastry as described before, but added a layer of raspberry jam, same as for the Bakewells.

(I went a bit rustic with the pastry)

Then made the custard, as previously described, and topped off the jam layer with this:

…and a sprinkle of freshly grated nutmeg:

Baked for 20-25 minutes…


…………..and done!

They are pretty tasty actually. Love Pastry. Love Custard. Love Jam. Thankfully they go together well!

……………………and this is the last entry for the Blog challenge! I haven’t had much chance to make things this time around, we have had a busy and stressful few weeks. But I plan to keep making things from the books and challenge myself so watch this space!


  1. jill hazard · · Reply

    Sounds like a bakewell pudding to me. (pastry bottom, jam and a layer of.custardy mixture)

    1. Except a Bakewell Pudding is flaky pastry, jam, and an eggy/almondy top layer.

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