Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Knitted Plesiosaur

This is another project from Tina Barrett’s Knitted Dinosaurs book. After making the Pterodactyl, I wanted to make all of them, so am slowly making my way through the book, making them for each of my friends and familys children! (I so want one of each for myself, but I can’t really justify it!) The […]

A cover for my Kitchenaid!

So this is the project I was going to make on Saturday before I got distracted by the arrival of cross stitching fabric, threads, Numb3rs, and James Bond. My poor Kitchenaid (Kenneth, he’s big and strong and manly) when not in use lives, shamefully enough, in a reusable bag. Poor Kenneth. So I decided a […]

I got distracted….

I know I said I would work on a bit of a sewing project on Saturday… but the post arrived and with it some fabric for a cross stitch project that I had planned to make from this month’s edition of CrossStitcher. With it estimated to take 65 hours to stitch…. I thought I had […]

Paul Hollywood’s Chelsea Buns

I had the afternoon off today after a very long (super duper long and stressful) day at work yesterday. So after indulging in a spot of Christmas Present purchasing, along with some crafting supplies…… I baked. I started off another little sourdough recipe from Paul Hollywood’s book, but then I decided to make one of […]