Vampire Sailor Ninni

A little while ago I saw a tutorial for a funny little monster.

I loved him.

For our little crafty afternoon Rachael and I decided to use up some of my fabric remnant stash and make some.


Crafting! (Surrounded by piles of stuff – the way I do all my crafting. There was another picture of both of us, Rachael sewing and me sat pinning….. I couldn’t bring myself to upload it…. too much mess!)

The end result?


Do you think he’s cute? I think the stitching could be a little neater, but perhaps I need some practice?

While we were busy doing this, Linux and Marcie were adopting a new friend into their gang of sleepy pusses:


Linuxpuss. Bagpuss. Marciepuss.


  1. Love this Vampire Sailor. I have a book full of these weird plush toys. Didi you see it? I got from TKmaxx

    1. He is cute isn’t he? I’m not sure that I saw it. I think I just saw a link to this somewhere, I can’t remember how it originally came up!

      1. Oh well…if were interested in making more of these crazies here is a link for that book—Rama-Curious-Creatures-Immature/dp/1579908780/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365530855&sr=8-1&keywords=plush-o-rama . I got inspired and made Holy something from it for xmas…I don’t think she liked it tho! 😉

      2. I think she only liked Pterry the Pterodactyl because she could chew on it’s pointy head!

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