Granny Crochet Hook Roll

A little while ago I blogged a little about some crochet I had been doing, practicing for something bigger by making a new craftacular case for my crochet hook set that I had as a Christmas present. This project came from this Magbook:

IMG_3023 (2)

…..and…… I finished it today! Woo! The progression of the project followed my usual path… I did the exciting bit, then the less exciting bit, then dithered for ages before finally sewing it all together!

My skills seemed to improve slightly over the course of the main pocket part, until at the end it was looking pretty darn neat!


The pockets were made by using double crochet first into the back loop to the end, then dc into the first loop to create a double row of stitches which then were worked using double crochet to form the pocket, then tied back together by using dc into both of them together.

The large granny squares attached to the main pocket part, but the little granny squares formed a strap to hold it all together, which was then sewn on and backed with some double crochet and a magnetic fastener attached:


I did some extra bits to the pattern, an extra wide pocket to keep some snippers in:


..and an extra bit so that I can keep my needles in there too:


My larger hooks are in pockets by themselves, the smaller hooks in twos, and the super skinny hooks (less than 2mm) are hooked into the from of the pockets.


All rolled up and snapped shut………….


it is done!


    1. Cute! I got that Granny Square book that you have. Practicing another plain granny, might try a few others too! X

      1. oiyoufood · ·

        Oh yeah? Cool ,good book! I’ll email you a site with free cute patterns

  1. Hi, I’m loving your crochet case, so much so I bought the magazine! I’m a bit confused about the end of the instructions for row6. It says to “turn – 40 + 12 dc” What does the – mean? I’m quite new to crochet and haven’t seen a minus sign in a pattern before.

    1. Okay, being totally dense. I think it’s just summing up what I’ve already done, which was 40dc and then 12 dc. We’re back in the game 🙂 Watching your blog with interest for some more ideas, thanks for taking the time to share.

      1. Yep, that’s right. I had a similar issue! Quite new to crochet patterns too, to begin with it’s all just gobbledygook! I love the yellow and green cardigan pattern from that magazine, perhaps when I’m a bit more practiced! Thanks for sharing!

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