Crochet iPod Case

Now we’re in Seattle, it’s time to rest and relax. I hit up a couple of craft stores for some pretty yarn and some other bits and pieces, and decided to make something to replace my iPod case, which is unfortunately looking a bit sad and forlorn and …………….ruffled. Homemade felt suffers from pilling a bit more than shop bought felt and a year or so of taking it in and out of my pocket has had a detrimental effect!

To make the new one, I decided to use crochet, and using the same technique that I used to make the hook roll.

To get the sizing, measure the length and width of your device, and an extra inch or so for the flap for over the top:


Work a foundation chain using a 4mm hook, the length of the device plus flap. Then, rotate the work, and work double crochet (single crochet in US) along the entire length.

Using the 4mm hook, work double crochet along for the inch or so of the flap, using both loops of the previous row, then begin to form the pocket by switching to a 4.5mm hook and working double crochet in the front loops only, until you reach the end, then rotating the work and working double crochet in the unworked back loops. Then rotate the work and work double crochet in all of the loops of the pocket, then switching to the 4mm hook for the flap. Make sense?

Continue to work all of the stitches until the width is enough for the device, then, starting from the top of the flap, double crochet through both loops of both layers until you reach the bottom, fasten off, and sew in the loose ends:


As you can see, a wide pocket has been formed, the same size as the iPod. For me, the length of the original foundation chain was 31 stitches, the flap 7 stitches of that. The rough pattern (whether it makes sense to anyone else! Sorry!) was therefore, foundation chain 31sts, dc 31, turn, dc 7sts, dc 24 in the front loops, turn, dc 24 in the back loops. Work dc in 24 +24 sts, change to 4mm hook, dc 7sts, turn. *Work dc 7sts, change to 4.5mm hook, dc 24+24sts, turn, dc 24+24sts, change to 4mm hook, dc 7sts** Repeat * to ** until the work measures approx 5 inches across (18 rows, 9 repeats). Finally, dc using a 4mm hook all the way to the bottom, through both loops of the front and back of the pocket.

Next I made a button, by encasing a dime in crochet, and sewn this to the front:


To finish off the edges, I joined some white yarn to the top right of the inner edge of the flap, then worked a line of double crochet across the inner edge, down and around the edges. I also made a loop of crochet using chain stitch to the  middle of the flap to form a buttonhole:




It’s cute yeah?

So long old iPod case. Hello shiny new one.


  1. amedicstudent · · Reply

    What a lovely little ipod case – the colours are so Christmassy!

    1. Well, it’s actually more of a coral red than a christmas red, so I don’t know, to me it seems quite fit for springtime. But yeah actually, if it was a bright red it could be an iPod case fit for Santa Claus!

      1. amedicstudent · ·

        Oh sorry I didn’t pick the coral up in the photos! – if I could crochet I would definitely give it a go (unfortunately I don’t have such fine skills as that) – I’m sure it would make a wonderful little ‘gadget’ pouch or even just to give little trinkets in as gifts!

      2. Ooh gift bag! I like your thinking!

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