Parrot-y Bookmark

Man! What a week! I’m glad it’s over. Or…. pretty much over, once I go to work tomorrow morning.

But…. this week hasn’t been all doom and gloom and stress! I made some really super tasty cake, then have also been working on a little secret something…..


(my nice new pattern weights coming in handy there!) and my usual stress-relieving standby of cross stitching!


This time around, it’s the free gift that came with the last issue of CrossStitcher Magazine. Only…. can you spot the *ahem* deliberate mistake from this picture included with the pattern?


Yep. I forgot one of the parrots. I began with the central pink parrot, then did the brown of the branch all the way across, then the flowers and leaves, then went back to fill in the other parrots…. and realised I had missed out one. Ooops. Rather than unpick all the flowers etc… I figured it would look just fine with five, but re-jigged the colours. It’s fine. No biggie. I meant to do it…….

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