What I wore….

A busy weekend! Saturday was my friends Mark and Cian’s Civil Partnership, a fabulous day with, of course, a Kylie and choreographed first dance and a Rainbow Cake like I made for my birthday a couple of years ago (along with a carrot and a chocolate one) for the wedding cake!

Then….. well My Mum got married today!


The conversation (about a month ago now after they had been to visit for the weekend), had gone something like this:

Me: Mum, did you leave some shoes at the house?

Mum: Oh yes, Jim must have forgotten to put them in the bag. Oh and we’ve decided to get married, and we’d like to do it before you go, so when can you make?

Me: Say what now?


This was just after I had finished my fancy Liberty dress, so I thought I should probably save it for the super special occasion! I did then make a little jacket to go with it out of some wine coloured suiting, which was kind of a mashup of a Simplicity pattern and some sleeves drafted based on another jacket pattern, and also a Red Velvet Mini Clutch to match the dress.


Ignore the slightly crappy picture, you only realise that you didn’t get any good pictures much later on!

It was a good occasion to see all the family before we go, including my brother and his girlfriend, over from Dublin!


A happy day!

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  1. Aw loving this post Linz. Your mum said you were very shocked when you heard their news. She never said how she said it to you though! Fantastic weekend!xx

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