Small steps…

… towards sorting things out.

Yesterday we set aside as a day to do not a lot. We didn’t plan to visit the bank, social security… any of that stuff.

Yesterday, was set aside because these little furry lovelies were arriving:


Yey pussycats!

We wanted to spend the day settling them in and make sure they weren’t too traumatized by their trip. Linux was especially vocal, which was odd as he usually doesn’t make much noise at all, but as soon as he saw us…. “Miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow”…… I think he was expressing his displeasure…. roughly translated as:

“Finally! You guys! I have a bone to pick with you, You put me in a crate, sent me off with someone I had never even met, then I got loaded onto some big metal thing with wings, it was dark, it was rumbly, my ears went funny, then some more people I had never even met took me somewhere else!”

They both settles in well though, we gave them some love, then it was business as usual:


Sofa. Sleeping cats. Cross stitch is a special one, which was a birthday present from my friend Rachael way back in July, but saved to entertain me during my time of unemployment:


Can you tell what it is yet?

We also took an early morning trip to the supermarket so we were stocked up, and then in the evening risked another trip out for something important:


Whoop! I am ready to go! (although have barely any bakeware…. this is going to be interesting….. Also, tiled worktops = pretty, but probably not all that practical for rolling out pastry, kneading bread….. pretty much anything)


  1. maureenbooth · · Reply

    Glad you got there ok. You will be busy again soon Mum

    1. I am embracing my cross stitch! Also trying to go to the gym too.

  2. Ah I’ve only just seen this post! So glad they made it ok, presumably they flew? We looked at moving away (the other side of the world no less, it didn’t come off in the end) but our 2 balls of fur were my biggest concern!

    1. Yep, they were on the same flight as us, but in a pressurised, heated part of the hold. Each time there was a tiny bump and during takeoff and landing I was fretting… but they were ok.

      1. Eek I don’t know if that would be worse or better, them being on the same plane! Did they have to go into quarantine as well?

      2. Nope, thankfully as the UK doesn’t have any nasties really there is no problem this way around, and they have had their jabs and have a pet passport so if we come back to the UK there are fine too.

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