Settling in.

So, it’s been a gradual process, but things are getting done! Moving to a whole new country requires a lot of paperwork and applying for things, but it’s all in hand, we have a bank account, social security application done, and have been viewing places to rent and checking out neighbourhoods.

Our temporary accommodation is great though, but while tiled worktops look pretty…. not so useful for kneading bread and rolling out pastry, so I treated myself to a marble pastry board. I have been still trying to fight jetlag, but alas keep waking up early (although it’s gradually getting later). Have been making use of my time (and time while Andrew was at work) by catching up on my tv series, and continuing on the my cross stitch:

Bridge Cross Stitch

Today of course it is Sunday, so I put my new pastry board, and waking up so early to good use by having a go at making Croissants with Edd Kimber’s 20 Minute croissant dough!

20 Minute Croissants

I didn’t quite follow the method stated in his recipe (as my food processor is in a container on a cargo ship somewhere on the Atlantic) but instead made the dough in a similar way to how I make rough puff pastry (more pictures of that process here). Simply combine the dry ingredients in a bowl, add the butter in chunks, then cut into slightly smaller chunks with a knife, all the while coating it in the flour mixture. The wet yeast/milk/water mixture is then added to this and combined until it loosely comes together into a dough, retaining the chunks of butter as before. This is placed in the fridge in a bowl covered in cling film (or a shower cap if you are so inclined), and the rolling and folding and overnight proving and shaping was then followed as stated.

I also only realised a little bit into the process that my pastry brush is also in the container….. I had to sort of spoon the egg glaze over the surface, which is why it’s a little uneven to say the least! Otherwise they look ok, tasted great, and my layers were none too shabby! In hindsight I should have taken a picture, but forgot. I do have a couple leftover that I put in the freezer for another time, so will try and remember next time!

I also went into Anthropologie… which as anyone knows is probably a mistake as everything is so beautiful. I came out with a new apron (yes I know I have many already, but unfortunately they all got packed and so I won’t have them for another month or so) and this cute cup:


I mean really, could you resist? And yes, I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I can foresee some lovely hot chocolate being drunk from this little beauty… once the temperature descends below weather that is actually just a typical british summer!

The cats are both continuing to settle in fine, although Linux is still vocal (but is proudly walking around the apartment carrying his cat toy), and Marcie has taken to sleeping under the covers on the bed:

Bless. Perhaps it’s because she likes the security of it smelling like us, rather than the strange surroundings of the apartment? Either way, she seems otherwise ok, and looks too cute for words!


  1. Love the cup, so pretty and Marcie is so cute!

    1. She is. Bless her. She is alternating between sleeping and wanting to play fetch with her toy mouse.

  2. Ah what a cute kitty!

    1. Isn’t she! They both have coped so well with the move, we were quite worried!

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