Pictures from my phone.

This week is not a good week for me and technology.

I dropped my phone, it is now making some very sad noises but is thankfully still working as my laptop is no longer! We had linked it up to the TV so that we could watch Netflix on the bigger screen and it messed something up and now it won’t start up! #woeisme This also happened just as Andrew went off to Texas for a few days, so alas I don’t have another computer to figure out how to fix this one (by getting the drivers online) or the discs to fix it (as they are in the container, which is now somewhere around Halifax, Nova Scotia).

And I knelt on my Kindle.

Sad technology week.

So I thought I would share some little bits of what I’ve been up to this week (the rest will have to wait until I can hook up my camera).

I finally started my Weasley jumper:

I went for a walk:

I was working on another little knitting project too….. But I ran out of wool and the other ball is in the container. Boo! I shall have to wait to finish it until we get our stuff!

Everyone fingers crossed that my beloved Prodigiosin (laptop) pulls through!

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