Grainline Studio’s Tiny Pocket Tank.

Our visitors are gone, off to San Francisco, and my spare room is back to being a den of crafting. I am starting to accept the change in weather. This certainly isn’t Britain, and as I went for a walk yesterday in shorts and a vest top and it is JANUARY, I figured I needed to get some lighter clothing in my wardrobe.

I bought the Tiny Pocket Tank pattern in the Grainline Studio sale on Black Friday, but at that point I only had my little portable machine, no surface to work on, none of my bits and pieces, and of course none of my fabric stash to work my way through! Now of course I have all my tools and stash to work with, so let’s get it done!

As soon as I got my pattern all printed, chopped, and stuck together, of course Linux decided to “help”.

Linux the Cat

He makes a very large and furry paperweight.

It was an ideal opportunity to put my new pattern weights to work, alongside the old crochet weights:

Pattern weights.

I made not one, not even two, but three “wearable” muslins before I got the pattern to my satisfaction, first one was a bit too tight across the top of my boobs, the second too loose requiring me to take it in at the sides, and then not quite right, but on the third I had shortened the straps so it sat a little higher and adjusted the bust darts accordingly. Sorted.

Then of course I made another couple, all using bits from the stash.

Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank

Woo yeah! Working my way through the stash! Those metres of fabric that I bought in the past because I thought they were cute, but had no real project in mind for? Now is their time to shine! The benefits of having no transport and making do with what I already have! The Plaid is from my stash of fabrics gifted by my cousin’s mother-in-law, the elephants, and doughnuts and coffee, came from Fabricland in Bristol.

Came out cute yeah?

Now for the obligatory mirror selfie (as I don’t possess anything as exciting as a tripod):

Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank

Now I am ready for the sunshine!

p.s. can you say BEDHEAD!?! I had a shower before bed last night and didn’t dry my hair. Error. ’tis even crazier than usual. Plus is dressed down and lazy Friday so I haven’t even put my lenses in yet! Ha!


  1. Well, your top is gorgeous and you look fantastic! I wish I looked that good in the morning!

    1. Haha! I should really learn to spiff myself up a bit for pictures that are going to be published to the world!

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