Monthly Archives: January 2014

Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake

At the moment, we have our very first international guests. Our first out of town guests to our place really, as when our friend Ashlei visited from Seattle in December, we were still living in the temporary place, and not feeling quite so settled. Anyhow, my Mum and her husband Jim are here to visit, […]

Hobnob Day 2014

So, alas this year we can’t join in the mass handout on Stokes Croft. Did that stop us from spreading oat-y joy? It did not. I took the opportunity to extend the hand of biscuit-y friendship to our neighbours, packaging up little bags of oat-y biscuit-y joy and popping them on everyone’s doorsteps: I also […]

Seasonal baking: Lavender Shortbread

Today marked an exciting occasion. The first outing, in public, of my lady trolley: Oh yes. I can feel your envious looks from across the interwebs. I got it from Ikea yesterday while ticking off some more stuff from the endless list of odd things we forgot to get last time. Just you wait, next […]

Painted Stone Pattern Weights

A little while back I made myself some pattern weights out of DIY washers. Love them. However, after using them for a while, a) I lost one (Boo), b) I realised I could do with more. I got the inspiration for these little lovelies from an issue of Crafty Magazine. They used pebbles in a […]

Chocolate and Cherry Frozen Yogurt.

Mr Marsh’s favourite flavour of Ben and Jerry’s is Cherry Garcia. The Fro-Yo even more so. And as he was so kind as to get me an icecream maker for Christmas, I thought I would indulge him and give making some a go. Trying to score me some wife points. Today we have been busy […]

New Year. New Bagel recipe.

Happy New Year! I have tried to make bagels before. It was back when they were doing them as a technical challenge on GBBO, and my friend Rhi, Pat, and I made some and took them into work, just as we did with the English Muffins. A happy bagel-filled day! They were however, to coin […]