Monthly Archives: January 2014

Painted Stone Pattern Weights

A little while back I made myself some pattern weights out of DIY washers. Love them. However, after using them for a while, a) I lost one (Boo), b) I realised I could do with more. I got the inspiration for these little lovelies from an issue of Crafty Magazine. They used pebbles in a […]

Chocolate and Cherry Frozen Yogurt.

Mr Marsh’s favourite flavour of Ben and Jerry’s is Cherry Garcia. The Fro-Yo even more so. And as he was so kind as to get me an icecream maker for Christmas, I thought I would indulge him and give making some a go. Trying to score me some wife points. Today we have been busy […]

New Year. New Bagel recipe.

Happy New Year! I have tried to make bagels before. It was back when they were doing them as a technical challenge on GBBO, and my friend Rhi, Pat, and I made some and took them into work, just as we did with the English Muffins. A happy bagel-filled day! They were however, to coin […]