Painted Stone Pattern Weights

A little while back I made myself some pattern weights out of DIY washers.

Love them.

However, after using them for a while, a) I lost one (Boo), b) I realised I could do with more.

I got the inspiration for these little lovelies from an issue of Crafty Magazine. They used pebbles in a few different ways: wet felting them for use as paperweights; crocheting around them (really want to do this, ever since I saw Susanna Bauer‘s work at the Scarlet); and painting designs on small ones and framing them to make pictures.

I collected some stones way back in October before we moved from the wonderful place that is….. Redcar.

Ahhh Redcar. Home of naff amusement arcades and the wonder that is the Lemon Top. It has to be Pacitto’s.

Lemon Top

(Really could go for a Lemon Top right now…. must add lemon sorbet to the list of things to make with the new icecream maker!)

Anyhow, stones:

Beach Stones

I picked a variety of different stones, different colours and sizes. I thought I should probably be using up my stash of stuff, rather than buying anything else (bad habit), so I used the paint that I already had:

Acrylic Paint

(The grey I used for my papier mache letters, the red is leftover from the coffee dough letters)

FYI, my verdict on the paints are Martha all the way! Covered easily and in one go, vast array of different colours and finishes available, whereas the red paint took two coats, especially on the darker stones. (When I did my papier mache letters, I did do two coats though, as the finish was better with two)

I played around  with a few different things, spots, chevrons, and hearts:

Painted Stone Pattern Weights


Next I want to have a go at felting, and a bit of crochet on the larger stones. But at least now I have some more weights ready for my next bit of pattern cutting! I bought some patterns from Colette (Peony, Juniper, and Negroni) and Grainline (Tiny Pocket Tank and Lakeside Pyjamas) in the Black Friday sale, way back in November…….

#shouldprobablygetonthat…… Although in my defense, I did only just get my machine back from it’s 2 month jaunt on the ship!


  1. Wet felting stones is a piece of cake 🙂 You’ll easily manage it!

    1. Now I’ve unpacked, it is probably just a case of clearing some space! Thankfully have my lovely massive granite worktop these days, so will be much easier than when we did the kindle covers! X

      1. Lol I do mine with an electric sander now, so I do it on the floor!

      2. That’s perhaps a bit more power than I need…… 🙂

      3. Lol possibly 😉 It’s handy for big flat sheets like I do though!

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