Yosemite and a very overdue Princess Leia hat.

At the moment 3 of our friends from England are visiting…………………….. just when the weather in California decided to remember it was actually winter and start raining.


(But I guess we need the rain to top up our reservoirs otherwise we are going to be short this year!)

So we drove to Yosemite this weekend and had funtimes doing a jigsaw, eating pizza, playing cards, and wandering about taking pictures in the rain:


….and just before we left I finally finished a work in progress that has been in progress for so long it is quite embarassing!

Princess Leia hat

It is the Space Princess hat from Knits for Nerds by Joan of Dark. I started it about a year ago, completed one of the buns, then didn’t do anything until after we moved. I had packed one of the balls of wool to do it…. did the other bun, started the hat… ran out of wool! So I had to wait until our stuff was delivered before I could get the other one and finish it! Done! And in time that I could give it to Lizzie! Hurrah!

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