Inverted pleat sorbetto

On Sunday I was reminded of the fact that I now live in California. The sun was shining, it was unseasonable mild (even for California), and I realised that I was definitely going to need some summer appropriate clothing this year!

I made a batch of Tiny Pocket Tanks a few weeks ago, but this time decided to make another Sorbetto (you can see some previous ones here).

This time around I was inspired by this version, which I saw on Flickr and loved.

It has the pleat, but it is inverted, and not sewn all the way down, giving it a nice shape and bit more excitement! I have seen some others where it isn’t sewn, just basted across at the top, but I decided to sew it down to the level of the bust dart so it would open up below this:

Inverted pleat Sorbetto

I also used homemade bias binding, and sewed it to the inside, rather than encasing the edge, so from the outside you just see a line of stitching:

bias bound inside

The fabric is part of the stash I picked up in Portland at Fabric Depot. A sort of batik/tie dye type cotton number. Anyhow, here it is on, complete with staring-off-to-the-side-not-looking-at-the-camera pose that I seem to see on all sewing blogs these days!

Inverted Pleat Sorbetto

The inverted pleat makes it much looser fit, and gives a lot more freedom of movement, so really I could size down the lower half, so in my case cut a straight 2, rather than grading out to a 4 for my hips!

Of course, I only realised afterwards, but after watching the Great British Sewing Bee this week, I should have modified my pleat to accommodate my pattern so that it lines up and continues across the pleat……

Sorry Patrick/May, I just don’t care all that much that it doesn’t line up properly, but perhaps if I make another one I will bear that in mind!

Also, as soon as I decided to make myself another sleeveless top, the rain started.


We really need the rain.

But it seems that to Californians, there are two extreme modes of dress when it comes to rain. In some, light rain necessitates the wearing of wellies. In reality, wellies are not sensible and results in people skidding over. The other kind of people are too used to Californian weather, and don’t even own a coat, so wander around getting drenched and looking sad.

A coat people! Get yourself a coat!

Oh, and check out my new earrings:

Panda Jam cupcake earrings

Apologies for the blurry selfie. They are by Panda Jam Jewellery, my friend Lizzie bought them for my for Christmas, although I didn’t get them until they came to visit as international shipping is ridiculous.

…and I had some of the leftover broccoli pesto that I made the other day from this recipe, for my lunch today on some of my experimental sourdough!

Broccoli pesto on sourdough.

Yeah. This loaf was a little overproved, so ended up a bit flat when baked. But it still tastes good!

I have been trying to get into a good study routine, in preparation for my ASCP exam, but my desk overlooks the car park of our apartment complex.

It’s a prime people watching spot.



  1. I love that top! The fabric is so pretty and I like the inverted pleat. Perfect for people shaped like me!

    1. It is really relaxed and comfy, and as we already did the modification of the pattern for you, shouldn’t be too tricksy!

      I also got some red and white cotton with scissors on from the same place. I think I might make another one!

      1. Ooh purdy! That fabric sounds nice too 🙂 Such a clever lady you are 😉 xx

      2. Not exactly! It was super easy! Even if my pattern doesn’t match across the pleat! I can live with that though. I’m not sure whether it would ever match exactly due to the pattern, but never mind, next time I will try it!

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