Cross stitch: Balloons over Clifton Suspension Bridge

This is a project that has been on the go since we moved.

Seriously. My friend Rachael bought me it as a birthday present last year, intended to keep me occupied while unemployed. It is available here.

Although for the past couple of months it has been sat in the corner thinking about what it had done, as it had been driving me slightly nuts.

Balloons over Clifton Suspension Bridge.

See all that green. Like 5 different greens. In a crazy higgledy piggledy pattern.

Once I sat and worked through it green by green, it came together in not too long, and now it is finally complete!

Woo! I just need a frame for it, then I can display it with pride!

But why have I got all these leftover threads?


It’s ok. I have a plan in mind for those beauties, and am working on it already.

..and I did make the Dosa from Demuths:


The verdict is still out on the Asafoetida. It is still leaching some stink into the cupboard. From the supposedly airtight jar that I have it in! That stuff has serious stinky power! They were tasty, but I found the Dosa batter a bit tricky to work with.

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