New to Me Challenge: Kyoto Kimono Jacket by Elise Patterns

This wasn’t what I originally intended to make for the New-to-Me challenge this week, but then I saw this pattern on the Mercury Handmade blog,

Loved it.

Bought it.

……………..then realized that because of of the width of the pattern pieces, I wasn’t going to be able to use any pieces from my ever-growing stash, and would alas have to go to the store and buy some. Sad times 😉

Anyhow, it gave me a good reason to finally buy the fabric I have been wanting for a couple of months – you know, when you keep going back just to stroke it, but can’t justify it due to not having a project in mind?


Stripey Lacey Knit

I’m not sure whether it comes out that well in the pictures, but it is a fairly lightweight knit, made up of stripes of grey, with stripes of white lacy knit in between. I envisioned a nice casual version, with contrast collar and sleeve cuffs in a complementary grey knit.

Because that’s what casual people do. (Thanks JGL for that gem of wisdom)

I cut a straight medium, no modifications. I also did french seams so that it was super pretty inside too, and had a little bit more structure. I stabilized the neckline and front with some clear elastic so that it wouldn’t get stretched out of shape while I was sewing it together, and topstitched the collar and cuffs with white stitching.

Stripey Kimono Jacket Construction Details


Kyoto Kimono Jacket

Or is it slightly on the dressy side of casual?

Kyoto Kimono Jacket

……………..and because it seems I have a fabric problem, I also bought some brightly coloured woven fabric

Kyoto Kimono Jacket

..and made this one too.

Kyoto Kimono Jacket

It makes me feel a bit like I could be Oonaballoona.

Going by the sizing of the previous one, I decided to make the small size this time, as I thought it would be a bit big in the woven, less drapey fabric….. and it still is a little big maybe, but that is kinda the style!

Again, I did french seams on the construction, and topstitched the collars and cuffs. The black fabric I just about had enough of in my stash, and is a black twill cotton.

Colourful Kimono Jacket Construction Details

So what do we think? Am I stylish casual now?


  1. Fha-bulous! ;). I love that grey jersey, it’s beautiful, no wonder you had to keep going back! These kimonos are addictive, you start spotting stuff all over that would make a cool version. Good luck in the competition!

    1. I know, it’s so soft and light! I still have a little bit leftover as it was so wide, so am trying to think of what to do with it!

      1. Is there enough for a simple tee?

      2. Not sure, but possibly. Perhaps one to tackle after my current project.

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