Mr Kingfisher: Alcedo atthis, and a little trip away.

Another little pretty stitched from the series of birds I get with my digital edition of CrossStitcher Magazine!

This month it was time for a little Kingfisher, I had half the colours already, but had to pop out to the shops for the rest:

Mr Kingfisher: Alcedo atthis

Love him!

While I was at Michael’s, I also picked up some more embroidery hoops, they seem to have switched from wood to bamboo, and they are so pretty already, and much better quality that I decided to mount it as it was.

It joins the others on the wall, and I like the mix of the plain bamboo frame in with the ribbon and fabric wrapped frames of the others:

Mr Kingfisher: Alcedo atthis

I think Mr M appreciated me having to disappear off for crafting supplies, as he used the opportunity to bake me a cake!

Darth Cake-r

We already had the Darth Vader tin, my brother-in-law bought me it as a birthday or Christmas present one year. But he made the cake a iced it all by himself! Good work Mr M!

What a lucky girl I am!

Mr M also took me away for a few days for my birthday last week, and not only that, but to the place that topped my list of destinations that I have wanted to visit! Aww bless him. He listens and everything!

It was of course to the beautiful, words-and-pictures-don’t-do-it-justice, place of Crater Lake in Oregon.

Crater Lake

Like seriously. The water is so blue and clear it is incredible. Oh… and COLD!

Crater Lake

But how could I resist at least dipping my toes in? We hiked down the trail to the lake, and back up again, then up the Watchman to the tower for a nice view.

The entire area is pretty much covered in snow for 8 months of the year, and even though it is July, there was still a fair amount of snow around in the higher ground, which led to some hiking through snow… in shorts:

Crater Lake snow hiking


Very much recommended.

I heart Oregon.


  1. Oh wow! Your Mr is very talented and so sweet to bake you a surprise cake! That lake looks absolutely stunning- what an amazing blue 🙂 xxx

    1. Isn’t it! I had seen pictures, so thought I knew what it was like, but they really don’t do it justice, it is so amazingly beautiful!

  2. I love the pattern, and this would be perfect for a friend who is kingfisher mad – where can I get the pattern? I must subscribe to this magazine, as I am getting a bit cross stitch mad in my spare time! 🙂

    1. I subscribe to the digital edition of the magazine these days, and currently each month there is a free bonus chart of a bird. I think this might be the one from July?

      I love this magazine, it has umm…. Slightly more up to date patterns than most shall we say?

      Each of the bird ones have been quick little projects, about an evening worth of stitching, and so fun and colourful!

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